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Furthermore, they were not even installed on the HD when SP3 was installed. I reformatted [edited to add: Glad you are up and running Clint!! The forum does seem to be jacked up today, I have tried posting several times to retract my last post, but no success. Are there other posters still on this thread who have not be able to get up and running?? I've been up and running ok, just haven't been able to start or restart without doing it about 10 times. Yes, it's good to at least have a temp. Aside from this one issue, I've been able to fix every other SP3 issue I've encountered permanently.

Clint, I really think your problem is different. Most people had the problem on the first reboot after installing the service pack. You got far beyond that before you had a problem. In fact, if you have all that anti-malware software on there I wouldn't be surprised if one of them isn't conflicting with another and that is what is causing your problem.

Again, they were not installed until a while had passed, plus I started getting the reboot problem before they were installed. Also, none of them are even running except for KIS. Aside from it, they are all used as scanners, no real-time protection SpyWare Blaster doesn't run, it uses registry tags and Restricted Sites zone for its protection.

That's too rare and odd of a thing to work. Well this is definitely the temp fix for me.

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I've reproduced it several times. I'm gone for the day, hopefully by tonight I will have received a reply from Shashank. I'll also work on trying to figure out why this works. What is the error code you are getting? If you don't see it, please follow the directions here to halt the reboot process. That will cause the computer to stop on the crash screen and you can then copy down the codes.

I really only need the first code. It will say something like "STOP: The parts within parenthesis is not that interesting, but everything else is. That's the most important part. Clint, are you absolutely sure your error code was 0xA and not 0xA5? It definitely sounds like the 0xA5 problem if plugging in the USB hard drive helps. If anyone else has the 0xA5 problem and plugging in the USB drive helps, could you please confirm that you must keep it plugged in or the crashing will start back up again?

It would be interesting to know one way or the other, but I do not have a computer with that problem handy. Once I reconnect my USB flash drive it's fixed. If you disable that controller, what are you booting from? Is there another drive in the computer that is not connected to that controller?

Put me into an endless reboot cycle and it won't even boot into safe mood or last known good configuration. Gave up and restored an Acronis Image and am back to running xp2 until MS fixes this mess. I pity those who have not made images and then try to install this mess only to see their PCs hosed. Can't remember specifically but ended up at the screen where it tells you something changed and would you like to boot into safe, normal, or last known good config. Tried all of them and nothing worked.

Always ended up back at that same screen. Far as I know, there is no ATI driver. Graphics capability is buit into the Intel MB. I to have the ASUS A8NSLI Deluxe mobo with AMD 64 FX Dual Core, I got the ACPI error, couldn't get into safe mode at all, I thought all was lost and dug out my restore disc expecting to take my PC back to factory settings losing everything, after pressing F8 during post got the little pop up asking where I would like to boot from, naturally selecting DVD where my restore disc was, this started to do it's thing then took me to the window where it asks if I want to boot in safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc so, I thought one last time tried safe mode, joy of joys it started in safe mode and allowed me to remove sp3 from my machine, all is now back to sp2 and working fine.

I really thought I was going to loose everything by shoving in the factory restore disc, didn't find this site until after doing this so can't verify if usb pen drive trick works. I had been offline for a few months due to an illness, today is the first time I booted my XP system since February. Windows auto update ran and automatically installed XP SP3, as with the above post all my system would do after the SP3 update installed was re-boot. What is the issue with SP3, I have had to disable the auto update feature of windows? Thank you for your quick reply.

I did have auto update enabled and I was prompted to do the update. When prompted I clicked continue then the Accept License Agreement button. It soulds like you might. I'm trying to figure out if that driver kit is incompatible with SP3, so if you can tell me, I'd appreciate it. Highwayman, your system is almost exactly the same as mine. What puzzles me though is that you say you got it from Auto Update. They are not needed for anything so I always disable them from loading via Msconfig's startup tab. ATIDtc , Ati2mdxx , and atiptaxx. It may be interesting for those of you with ATI cards to disable these from loading via Msconfig's startup tab.

Also, there are two Services also not needed that are loaded. There are Intel mobo's with integrated ATI video. But I can't say if they are still being made today. I am also suffering from the endless reboot issue after installing SP3. I am using the Realtek onboard audio and LAN connections. I am using a Seagate I have Nero 8, Office Standard, avast anti-virus, and amazon unbox video installed.

I have the latest drivers for all components. Another mention of an ATI product. Is anyone with this problem not using an ATI product? You also mentioned a Logitech mouse. So is everyone here using a USB mouse, or Logitech mouse? I got the notification by this method a few days ago. This is exactly what happened on my system yesterday. I'm going to stop trying to fix posts, if they are duplicated, TUFF. Having to log in with every single visit, and: This error has been logged. If it is SP3 waiting to be installed, how can I kill it?

Clicking on the update tray icon just gives me the options of rebooting now or later, although the box does say "Automatic Updates" - which was what led to me to thinking it was SP3 and not the AVG install. If it is the remnants of the aborted AVG install, would it be ok to go back to a restore point prior to the attempted install or would the then necessary reboot install SP3 if that's what's waiting to be installed?

I was barely able to get into Safe Mode after the bad AVG install and I'd prefer to stay far away from any trace of it. I have had to set mine to disable maybe 5 times. No one should have Auto Updates set to automatic.

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We all know, or we all at least should know, that MS cannot be trusted with anything they offer via WU site. Any one single seemingly benign patch can render a PC totally useless. More so with a SP. Every patch, update or SP they release is done so with minimal if any testing, as we are seeing once again.

They are more concerned with shoving a patch out the proverbial door to prevent some exploit that may only be experienced by. Proof of lack of testing is a patch to fix what another patch messed up that was to fix what another patch messed up that was for what another patch messed up This is even worse for newbies or those that know nothing about PC's.

Should they install an update or patch that's to prevent what they have a. Or, should they not risk the patch's problems and practice sensible computing with anti-malware programs, AV software, firewalls, and tightened OS and browser security, then investigate on their own if they even need the patch in the first place? The latter seems the more logical choice.

The best thing for anyone to do, and what I do, is subscribe to Secunia alerts. They will send you emails when there is a new MS update or patch out. Then go to the WU site 1 , select "Custom", and check out what all is available. Go to the mitigating factors area on the info pages. They will list who really needs the patch, and usually even some workarounds to do in lieu of the patch.

A big majority of the patches are not even needed if you use a firewall, something that everyone should do. I use a hardware firewall AND a software firewall. Then there's a huge amount of them that are not even needed if you have a certain Service disabled. That's something else everyone should do; disable all Services that you don't need. If I find out that I do indeed really need a patch, then and only then do I install it.

And I don't install anything else around that time so if my PC does a meltdown I'll know what caused it and I can remove it or do a restore. MS's constant "handholding" and "hijacking" of PC's is something I will not tolerate. My PC is my PC, I own it, and I will not have someone or something dictate what is best for me when they know absolutely nothing about what they are doing, nor what I have installed or not installed, what I have enabled or disabled, my type of computing--all of which is what really dictates what you need.

Regarding restore, XP's restore is very limited. I think it's once per day, but you can at any time do a manual backup. I do this before I install anything, you can name the backup anything you want so it won't overwrite the previous one for that day. That way if the install screws up something, you can do this full restore.

It can sit in your Start Up folder and that's how it automatically creates a full backup on its own. It does this in a couple of seconds and shuts down. Nothing is running in the background and you don't even know it's happened. Investigate, research, use your heads, and you decide whether or not a patch or update is necessary for you. I haven't tried that macro yet with SP3, I'm sure it will work, but there's the problem with SP3 trying to keep putting Auto Updates on automatic.

The Services have to be on "manual" for the macro to work. If those Services are on manual on SP3, it will keep setting them to automatic. I'll have to check into this further. Then you'll be able to try again without having to remember everything you typed!

You can't do it via right click like everywhere else, you have to do it from the "Edit" menu in IE's toolbar.

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Another thing that's screwed up is the email notifications. There are no more "Click here to view the post alert details", and even the text in the post is gone from the emails! All I'm seeing in them is the unsubscribe link, and "If this reply answers your question, please visit the link above and Already emailed Shashank about it. Then installed the Radeon card before that I was using on-board SiS graphics. Because the card is quite old, XP was able to automatically install its own drivers, i. After a reboot the PC froze while showing the XP boot logo.

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No automatic restarts though, most likely because I disabled automatic reboot. But no BSOD either. Just a complete lock-up at every reboot.

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Remember that I said earlier that I can't duplicate or reproduce the problem anymore! My combo floppy drive media card reader was connected. But nothing was in it either. That reminds me of something strange that happened. I was getting BSOD's during the install and when the Desktop finally would go to load for the first time after installation. I don't know if that means anything or not, but it may be worth noting at least. I have made some more tests. My PC also boots-up with the printer powered on. Please read thread some good news for thoses with the 0xA5 error Stop error: I tried disabling the Silicon Image controller by going into my BIOS and setting "Silicon Image Mode" to disabled, rebooted without my flash drive installed and it just went back to the booting loop.

I was interested to read of your problems with the forum, as I am not experiencing any such. Are you by any chance running any cookie-blocking software? That might cause such problems. Chris confirmed there are indeed problems here. It's an unrelated issue that forum folks are investigating. Interesting, thanks for that input. Yesterday I posted that the issue with me went away and I could no longer reproduce it.

Today when I started my PC, it was back! No, I emailed Shashank again and still no reply. I would guess they have absolutely no idea what's going on nor any way of fixing it, so they're going to ignore it. I find it very hard to believe that in "all of their testing" they never came across this problem.

Yesterday I mentioned something about those of you using USB mice. Emily, hopefully you're looking at this thread now, please let us know what software you "cleaned up" that seemed to help at first.

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