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With this stuff in mind, the need to spy on spouse's text message was felt. In case you have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you then.

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One of the widely recognised features of trust is that it takes time to build, but can be easily broken and once broken can be difficult to rebuild. If a child loses trust in a parent, then this may leave the child feeling isolated and ultimately lacking the very support they need to negotiate the genuine risks they may encounter. Trust lies at the heart of our relationships with others. The things we value, such as family and friends, are grounded in some level of mutual trust. Furthermore, most of daily activities often require us to place trust in people we do not know or may never meet.

For example, we trust that others will obey the road rules each time we drive, walk or ride a bike in public spaces.

How Can I Track My Daughters Phone?

Coming to understand what it means to place trust in someone, the reasons we might do this and how to make judgements about when it is reasonable to trust, are all important in navigating everyday interactions. Trusting others is not always easy.

It is a risky business. When we entrust others, we leave ourselves vulnerable and open to the potential for hurt or harm to something we care about. Yet, unless we take these risks, trust has no place to start from. For children, having another person trust them can also act as an expression of confidence.

Giving children gradual opportunities to be trusted helps them find their own way through things, even if at times this means making mistakes. Companies such as Teensafe trade on an assumption that it is possible to protect children from all risks and that the way to do this is to watch every move so as to avert or intercept potential harm. We will even deprive them of their privacy to do so.

Kids as Young as 13 Are Being Paid $20 per Month to Provide Access to Their Mobile Phone Data

Even if it means keeping them safe? Of course, parents have a good reason to be worried. Parents have every right to want to prevent their kids from going too far and engaging in some kind of illegal activity online. The majority of teens engage in activities they have no reason to hide from others. Even if you feel that your annoying teenager does not deserve the right to use their smartphone in privacy, try to place yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if your employer did the same thing with you? A number of employers do use software to spy on employees at their workplace.

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If we were to use the same logic that parents use when opting to monitor their kids, employers have every right to spy on their staff at work. Company owners want the best for their company, in terms of profit and prosperity, and for that they need to make sure that all company procedures are being carried out as desired.

So, how would you feel if you found out that you were one of these employees whose every move online is being watched? Part of being a teenager is exactly the opposite of that. Don't you wish your home speaker could tell you that whenever it happened?

Should you confiscate your child’s cell phone?

Good news! But despite having such conversations with their children, some parents may still want to use a tracking app.

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  • So what are the pros and cons of using such technology? Advantages Peace of mind for parents. Through GPS tracking, a parent can receive a quick update and put their mind to rest. We put it on phones as kids start driving.

    Of course parents have a right to spy on their kids | Barbara Ellen | Opinion | The Guardian

    Gave great peace of mind when oldest was in S Africa last summer. Location tracking can also be reassuring for the child, particularly if they get lost. This is especially useful if a child wanders off in a crowded place, says Kirkbak.