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I like the realtime tracking of satellites overhead and being able to learn about each one.

How To Use Your Smartphone to See Through Walls! Superman's X-ray Vision Challenge

The large access to new imagery definitely makes this worthwhile. I plan on tasking a satellite in the near future to get a picture of my house so I can frame it, that would awesome. Reliability and support is great.

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  • The Best Mobile Apps for Spotting and Identifying Orbiting Satellites and Iridium Flares | Space.
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Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch.

New iPhone App Lets You See Which Spy Satellites Are Watching You

Description Introducing SpyMeSat, the first app to provide the public with full awareness and access to commercial and unclassified imaging satellites. May 31, Version 3. Information Seller Orbit Logic Incorporated. Size Most Read Most Recent.

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    Satellites that are above your horizon at the present time are highlighted with brighter text. Each entry has a link that will allow you to preview the sky during the pass or set an alert to remind you. The Settings menu lets you sort the Search-menu results by pass time, which is highly recommended. You can also find an individual satellite or family of satellites by entering all or a portion of the name into the search bar.

    The page for each satellite includes a Data tab containing the physical characteristics of the satellite, its position in the sky, the location on Earth it is flying over and its orbital parameters. A Description tab opens a page containing the satellite's history and photographs of selected satellites. Each of the modes is accessed using icons on the toolbar. Sky View displays the night sky from your location.

    Satellites are identified by green symbols. If enabled, the names and orbits are also drawn in white and green, respectively. In the Sky View section of the Settings menu, the number of satellites shown can be controlled by adjusting the magnitude limit value. The default is 6.

    The Best Mobile Apps for Spotting and Identifying Orbiting Satellites and Iridium Flares

    You can toggle between a photorealistic horizon and a purely flat horizon and decide which celestial objects you want to be shown constellations, star names and planets. In fact, Orbitrack doubles as a very good basic sky-charting app in Sky View mode. Time flow controls, which operate the same way as in the SkySafari app series, allow for a lot of added functionality.

    If you are planning an observing session, you can preview the passes that will happen that night. Or, if someone tells you about a satellite pass they saw, you can enter the corresponding date, time and location into the app; swipe to bring the correct part of the sky into the display; and see which satellites were passing.

    By stepping time forward or backward, you can allow for a bit of uncertainty in the time it happened. Sky View is the fastest way to identify passing satellites. With the app's time set to Now, hold your device up to the sky in portrait mode to trigger Orbitrack's Augmented Reality feature. If your device has compass and gyro sensors, the app will display the part of the sky you are pointed at and the satellites currently passing through it.

    You can then tap a satellite's symbol to select it and then tap the Info icon to learn more about it. Another useful trick is to tilt the device downward to show the sky below the horizon. By panning around, you can see satellites that will be rising soon. When you hold your device up to the sky in landscape mode, Orbitrack's Virtual Reality feature will be triggered, dividing the display into a pair of binocular windows. You can move your head around to explore satellites in other parts of the sky. In VR mode, simple voice commands will control the flow of time and alter the amount of zoom in the display.

    AR and VR operation and voice control can be disabled in the Settings menu if you prefer.


    Orbitrack's Orbit View displays a zoomable, 3D-rendered model of Earth surrounded by green symbols for orbiting satellites. When a single satellite is selected, its orbit and label are drawn, too.

    Orbitrack satellite viewing modes

    By default, the display will be fairly cluttered. In the Settings menu, under Satellites Shown, you can decide which classes of satellites are displayed.

    As a fun exercise, enable just the geostationary satellites to see how their distant orbits contrast with low-Earth-orbit satellites such as the ISS and the Hubble Space Telescope. Satellite View is fun, too. Southern Stars has included 3D renderings of most major satellites. In this mode, you travel in space alongside the selected satellite.

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    By swiping your finger, you can view the satellite from any angle and watch it transition from fully lit to shadowed as it orbits Earth. Launching VR mode allows you to fly around the satellite by moving your device while viewing it immersively. The fourth mode, Ground View, is a feature found in most satellite-tracking apps.

    Account Options

    It displays a top-down view of the selected satellite as it flies over Earth. The orbital track is displayed, along with a "you are here" indicator. When you preview the future pass of a particular satellite, you can determine where in your sky the satellite will rise, culminate reach its highest point and set.