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With this stuff in mind, the need to spy on spouse's text message was felt. In case you have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you then.

It is user-friendly- since the launch of keylogger, the use of it is getting more common as it generates easily understandable dashboards. The easy to navigate dashboard makes the accessing of the online account more awesome. The user-friendly dashboard presents all the reports and understands related to the suspect that makes navigation much easier. You can easily check suspect account on the device in real time.

So long as the installation and downloading process are completed you can get all the information at your fingertip. You can potentially make use of the app by fulfilling all the criteria.

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Now it is the time go through the entire list of top and best 12 free keylogger applications available in The keylogger is presented after detailed research and test; you can pick anyone as per your requirement. Whenever you search for top and best keylogger in the market the very first app you will get is SpyAdvice. The app is responsible for monitoring browse history, calls, and control apps, read instant messages, and track GPS location.

You can even monitor activities performed by your kid on the social media apps such as WhatsApp , Viber, Facebook, etc. Furthermore, it is the only app that offers numerous features along with android keylogging feature.

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Apart from it, a special feature known as Geofencing feature allows you to see a prohibited area that the suspect has entered. This way you can avoid all the problems that come in the way of the suspect. Suppose the suspect is your kid or spouse, you can know the location and safeguard him or her easily by presenting yourself on time.

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  7. The company offers all essential information regarding it that can be read on the official site spyadvice. Another unique and trustworthy keylogger in the market is NetSpy Keylogger. It is basically an android spying app that allows you to excellently control all the activities of the kid.

    The main and chief features of the Keylogger app is monitoring of social media, monitoring of internet browser, and ability to read and record text messages. All the current activities that mean live activities can be monitored easily. Besides all features, the app is completely free for devices and you can get the android version for FREE. This app is free for windows, and if you want a premium version then you need to take plan for the android device. TheTruthSpy comes next in the list of picking the best and reliable android keylogger app.

    One of the interesting facts about the TheTruthSpy is that you can have it absolutely free. The features are quite impressive and you can take other free options from the market. You just need to download the TheTruthSpy and create an account for easy monitoring. Last but not the least the interesting thing about the TheTruthSpy is that you need not have to root it for monitoring.

    Give a quick look to another interesting and useful app known as AppSpy. This keylogger can bring information in reality. The app comes with an intuitive interface that makes the platform accessing easy. Some of the things you can do are read messages, track videos, photos, and locations. Even you can track call logs screenshots. Total FREE. If you want a keylogger that can outbox all the information in seconds then you need to go for PhoneSpying.

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    5. The will allow you to analyze all the activities in dept with reports. Other features of the app are track locations, monitor files, emails, listen to ambient calls, and read SMS message. You can even check out VoIP apps so as to check passwords and target suspect through rear camera remotely.

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      It is a good keylogger that monitors phone activities and tracks social media apps from employees and kids cell phone. KidLogger is a spying tool specially designed to spy on kids. The evolution and increase in social media apps have spoiled the minds of kids. In order to protect the kid from all the awful and inappropriate activities like cyberbullying and other thefts, you need to install it on your device. It is the best keylogger app available in the market.

      A keylogger for android is the only thing that will allow you to find out if your kids are sharing sensitive information with strangers, placing themselves and your family in danger. In the past, it was very challenging for a manager to keep track of all the employees, ensuring that they work diligently without wasting any time. Hoverwatch makes it nearly impossible for employees to wander around the office or spend too much time on their lunch break. This app allows the employer to know the exact location of every employee at any point in time, making it very easy to identify people who should be encouraged to work harder.

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      Additionally, due to the fact the Hoverwatch records all calls and text messages, it will no longer be possible for people to use corporate phones for personal use. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our site. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience. Sign up free.

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      Try the service for free. No credit card required Add all of your children's devices to a single account.

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      View device activities in a chronological order Got 2 minutes? SpyEra is an undetectable keylogging and spying app that once installed on the target device runs completely hidden in the background. All activity is recorded and then uploaded to a secure online account. No cables are needed for this, only a network connection. You can change the uploading intervals to suit your needs, ranging from 1 hour to hour intervals. SpyEra has many features that will help you find out what your child is doing online, such as live call listening and recording — all you need is to set up your monitored number on your SpyEra account which you use to secretly call the target device and join the conversation.

      It is very easy to install and even easier to use, it works both on jailbroken and non-jailbroken smartphones, and it boasts the widest variety of monitoring features in comparison to its competitors. The information is then sent to your mSpy account that you can access online. There is both a Basic and a Premium version. Apart from all of that the Premium version can also help you check Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Line messages, and all of the recorded keystrokes.

      In addition, it is able to block certain websites, applications, calls from unwanted numbers, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Become a member.

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